Accelerated Cooldown

Cryogenic tanks store materials at extremely low temperatures. When cooldown of such tanks is required, BT Solutions offers accelerated cooldown services. We cooldown in a systematic way from ambient temperature to the desired cryogenic temperature.

This cooling process is an effective method to reduce reactor downtime, saving both time and costs. 

BT Solutions presents two methods for accelerated cooldown:

  1. Cooling with liquid nitrogen: This method rapidly cools down the application. Liquid nitrogen has an extremely low temperature of -196°C, making it an ideal coolant for achieving fast cooldowns. It is carefully introduced into the system thereby extracting heat and lowering the temperature in a controlled and safe manner. 
  2. Cooling with cold gaseous nitrogen: This method uses cold gaseous nitrogen to gradually achieve the desired cooldown temperature. First, liquid nitrogen is converted into its cold gaseous form, after which it is introduced into the system. Heat is systematically removed thereby reducing the temperature in a secure and inert way to achieve the desired cooldown.