Reducing emissions and eliminating hazardous gases and vapors is crucial for ensuring a safer and healthier planet. BT Solutions recognizes the importance of degassing to lower the concentrations of these substances, minimizing the chance of accidental ignition, explosions, and potential harm to people or the environment. We provide mobile degassing services for a wide range of gases, vapors and compositions and are equipped to handle these at all kind of pressures and flow rates. This makes it possible to deliver effective solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Mobile enclosed vapor combustion units

Looking for a system with fast commissioning, low emissions and capable of converting hydrocarbons and gases with a product-dependent flow rate? Our mobile enclosed vapor combustion units are designed, certified and fully comply with the strictest laws and legislations. 

Mobile vapour remediation units

Degassing with the use of internal combustion and a destruction rate of 99.99%? Our mobile vapour remediation units are modular from 1 to 8 units converting various compositions in steam or power. 

Mobile scrubbers
Sample and efficient degassing using a high flow rate open system?  This small footprint installation is a price qualitative way of reducing vapors, gases and compositions using necessary additives.