Periodic testing, commissioning of new installations and unforeseen circumstances may lead to testing of your installation or equipment (e.g. hoses, pipelines). Our team can assist in multiple capabilities:

  • Pneumatic testing for the evaluation of the strength, leak-tightness, and overall performance of equipment. Using compressed air or gas, we apply the necessary pressure, up to 1000 bar, to assess the system's ability to hold pressure without any leaks or failures.
  • Hydrostatic testing to verify the system's integrity and identify any weaknesses or defects under high-pressure conditions. The process involves pressurizing the installation or equipment using water or other suitable liquids. 
  • Dewpoint drying to remove moisture, which is crucial in preventing corrosion and preserving the optimal functioning of the equipment.
  • Inerting to minimize the risk of fire or explosion caused by flammable substances. The process involves replacing the atmosphere inside with an inert gas.
  • Helium testing for sensitive leak detection. By pressurizing the system with helium gas and using specialized equipment to detect traces of helium, we can identify any leaks or vulnerabilities with great precision.
  • For other testing needs, contact us.