Pigging Operations

Pigging operations are essential for the maintenance and integrity of pipelines. BT solutions offers multiple pigging services:

  • Cleaning, where a device known as a pig is inserted into the pipeline and pushed along by the flow of the product (fluid or gas). The pig scrapes the inner walls of the pipe, removing debris, sediment, and other contaminants.
  • Inspection pigging can be performed to assess the condition of the pipeline, detecting defects, corrosion, or other anomalies. Intelligent pigs equipped with sensors and cameras are used to identify areas in need of maintenance or repair.
  • Pre-commissioning pigging involves running pigs through the pipeline to remove any construction debris or obstructions. This technique is important to ensure the integrity and cleanliness of new pipelines and is necessary before bringing a new pipeline into service. 
  • Maintenance pigging operations, where the pig is pushed along the pipeline on regularly scheduled moments over time. It prevents the build-up of debris, corrosion, or scaling, extending the life of the pipeline and ensuring its optimal operation. 
  • De-commissioning pigging can be used to remove any remaining product or other substances from a pipeline that is no longer in use. The pigging is applied to ensure safety for abandonment and to minimize environmental impact.